Samsung HD 3D LED TV

Updated: 20 May 2010
Samsung HD 3D LED TV

By Syazlynia Rahim

Samsung has billed its new product as the shape of things to come and that shape has height, width and depth. Their HD 3D LED TV displays a startling depth, conjuring an almost-real landscape on a pancake-flat screen (a mere 23.9mm).

We have no doubt that this new technology has come about as a result of the rise in 3D studio pictures in the last 12 months (‘Avatar,’ ‘Up,’ ‘Alice in Wonderland’). It’s getting pretty difficult to walk in the cinema without being handed a pair of dorky 3D glasses so you’ll be pleased to know that Samsung has its own pair of Samsung 3D Active Glasses. Samsung HD 3D LED TV

Wondering if there is, in fact, any point to purchasing this, considering there aren’t that many 3D content/software out there to begin with? Not a problem. This product’s saving grace comes in the form of its real-time 2D-to-3D conversion technology. One touch of a button will convert all 2D content into 3D – everything from ASTRO programmes to regular DVDs.

From RM8,999.