Three questions with... Twilight Actiongirl

Updated: 12 Jun 2013
Behind the scenes: Heineken Green Room

We talk to DJ Bunga of famed local DJ act Twilight Actiongirl ahead of their Heineken Green Room set this weekend

You guys have been together for 10 years, what has changed and what hasn’t?
Basically the crowd stays the same age and we get older [laughs]. I mean musically we have kept it true to what we have always wanted to do, but we've also updated with a new list to stay relevant.

TAG is sort of the pioneer in KL’s indie club nights, what do you think about the other popular indie nights right now?
Of course the more the merrier. I mean the guys from Deer Society used to be TAG regulars. But I think it is important that we have shown people that, it is possible to do a different club night from the usual mainstream stuff. And that inspired a lot of people to go out and start their own night. It’s good for the [indie] scene, and now you have more choices. Many people see it as a competition, but really, we are all different, the crowd is different, the club is different and the vibe is different.

So what will you guys be showcasing this time?
Basically we have seen three waves of different people coming to our parties. Some people grew up with us, they came during their college days and now they’re married and have kids. What we will do is to show artwork, posters and pictures from our archives. The whole exhibition is sort of a trip down memory lane to all our nights from these ten years. It will be a good laugh for many. Ian Loh

Catch Twilight Actiongirl at Heineken Green Room, June 15. For info, see listing. For more Heineken Green Room interviews, click here.