Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' album review

Updated: 22 Feb 2011
Nicki Minaj 'Pink Friday' album review

Time Out says

By Kong Wai Yeng

Pink FridayNicki Minaj is easily the toughest rapper to duet with unless you can level her alacrity and make sense at the same time. Even potty-mouthed Eminem – who jarringly traded bars with Nicki in her song ‘Roman’s Revenge’ – sounded a tad weary to catch up, what more to outshine the female rapper. Well Slim Shady, you’ve met your match.

First, we don’t really get rappers. Worse, we don’t get their multiple alteregos. Nicki’s ‘twin sister’ Roman Zolanski goes on a girlfight, taking jabs at Lil’ Kim in ‘Roman’s Revenge’ by spitting angsty lyrics like ‘word, that b*tch mad ’cuz I took the spot’. Result? People who don’t know their lil’ fracas will probably not get the song. And what’s left is a nice skittish tune, technically commendable rapping skills that we’ll give props to but not a song that will remain a favourite on her debut album.

Rihanna’s voice in this album gives us a breather from the superfluous pissedoff rapping. Nicki and Rihanna’s ‘Fly’, pretty much just radio pop, showcases their somewhat melodic vocal capability. So, how much do we like ‘Pink Friday’? One star for Nicki’s robust attitude and peerless rapping Olympics. One star for being different yet true to herself. And another half for making women proud in this male-dominated rapping league.