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Child-friendly flights

Updated: 15 Apr 2011

Flying with your kids doesn't have to be a nightmare if you do your research and prepare for the journey ahead.

Lay your luck on me

Updated: 22 Feb 2010

We’ve hardly recovered from the shock of a global economic recession, a black leader of the free world and deadly drifts of flying pigs...

Mummy and Me

Updated: 22 Jul 2009

Mummy and Me - Fitness, fun and food around KL for mums and kids, indulged in....

Growing Up Active

Updated: 27 May 2009

To say I was a part of the class that surrounds me would be inaccurate – I’m too old for that. Yet I am completely...

Up close and personal with Oliver Jeffers

Updated: 30 Apr 2009

Stars, penguins and bears; Emma Chong talks to children’s author Oliver Jeffers about picture books..

Meet the Dinos

Updated: 3 Apr 2009

Seven animatronic dinosaurs take over Petrosains, but they’re here to educate, not annihilate.

Bendy kids

Updated: 2 Apr 2009

Imagine: a room full of totally quiet, deeply meditative children, all in perfectly composed lotus positions, small smiles on their restive ...

Horsing Around

Updated: 31 Mar 2009

Equestrian riding schools for kids aren’t just for elite polo playing families, they’re valuable confidence builders as Sam Coleman ...

Sk8r kids

Updated: 30 Jul 2008

Life just cannot get crueller than this: Fully grown adults, garbed in Backstreet Boys meets Vanilla Ice fashion (complete...

Little chefs

Updated: 2 Jun 2008

Every month, the Pacifica Grill at the Mandarin Oriental opens its kitchens to the kids of KL. Dirk Haltenhoff, the Head Chef...