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Ah Sou Chap Fan

Updated: 22 May 2013

Serves mixed rice with at least 40 different dishes at a cheap price.

Soong Kee Beef Noodles

Updated: 20 Mar 2013

The slurping sound is unmistakable; the beef noodles are indeed, exceptionally toothsome.

Burger Bobby Simpang 3

Updated: 15 Jan 2013

The Triple Special Cheese features three patties wrapped in egg, topped with cheese and spilling..

Restoran Shangri-La

Updated: 15 Jan 2013

A coffee shop that with a variety of food stalls serving noodle and rice dishes since the ’70s.

Jackson's Burger

Updated: 14 Jan 2013

Street burgers during the day? That’s exactly what Jackson’s Burger does.

SA Bamboo Curry House

Updated: 14 Nov 2012

Although it’s popular with locals, the secluded location keeps it from being overrun with hordes of..

Restoran Murni Mentari

Updated: 24 Oct 2011

This mamak puts a spin on nearly all established mamak favourites.

Al Amnah Restaurant

Updated: 4 Oct 2011

Famed for their teh tarik, roti sardin and roti banjir special.

Pan Heong

Updated: 23 Aug 2011

This busy outlet located just outside the city has made a name amongst the locals.

Steven's Corner Pandan Indah

Updated: 19 Aug 2011

A 24-hour mamak with Chinese, Western, and Thai food too.