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A big ask: Jamie Durie

Updated: 13 Nov 2013

The multiple award-winning horticulturalist and landscape designer dishes out some green thumb design philosophies.

The Time Out interview: Anthony Bourdain

Updated: 31 Oct 2013

Anthony Bourdain talks about his love for Asian food culture and how he’s always looking for his next adventure.

Ender's Game

Updated: 4 Nov 2013

Yet another intriguing, complex, strangely unlikeable big-budget experiment.


Updated: 7 Nov 2013

A restrained biopic that affords its subject the romantic privacy that life denied her.


Updated: 6 Nov 2013

This serviceable remake feels depressingly yoked to the look and feel of the 1976 classic.

Tom Hiddleston on Thor: The Dark World

Updated: 1 Nov 2013

We knew Loki had a dark secret - but not that it would be extensive training in mime…

Thor: The Dark World

Updated: 28 Oct 2013

A grander, pacier film crammed with sprawling prog-rock landscapes.

The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Updated: 8 Nov 2013

What holds your attention is Riz Ahmed, known for his work in the suicide-bomber satire ‘Four Lions’.

Machete Kills

Updated: 21 Oct 2013

Little is believable, and that’s exactly as it should be.

Insidious: Chapter 2

Updated: 17 Oct 2013

Despite the goose bumps, 'Chapter 2’s real currency is cacophony.