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Andrew Bujalski interview

Updated: 18 Apr 2014

The indie film director on the 'mumblecore genre', his new geek film and casting famous people.

Matthew McConaughey interview

Updated: 2 Apr 2014

We ask how the 44-year-old actor dropped 47 pounds to play a man with AIDS.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Updated: 27 Mar 2014

Delivers a heavy and welcome dose of paranoia, administered between fleetly paced smackdowns.

Mr Peabody and Sherman

Updated: 27 Mar 2014

Mr Peabody and his adopted son explore history in their time-travelling Wayback Machine.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Updated: 27 Mar 2014

Set in a towering pink mansion situated somewhere in a dreamlike 1930s Alps, the film plays like a breakthrough.


Updated: 25 Mar 2014

The first film adapted from Veronica Roth's dystopian book series arrives with a sludgy, gray-hued plop.

Close up: Anthony Chen

Updated: 24 Mar 2014

We speak to the Singaporean director about ‘Ilo Ilo’s universal appeal.

Clive Standen interview

Updated: 21 Mar 2014

The 'Vikings' star on doing period films, playing James Bond and growing a Viking beard.

The master: Heston Blumenthal

Updated: 10 Mar 2014

The superstar chef takes time off to talk politics and sloppy wet pizzas.

Take Me to Dinner: Gavin Yap

Updated: 7 Mar 2014

The director-actor tiptoes between love, chance and relationships in his new hitman film.