Tried and tested... Brazilian Wax

Updated: 18 Nov 2009
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By Syazlynia Rahim

Tried and tested
Brazilian wax at Strip

On the brochure, they call it ‘all off’ and geez, they weren’t kidding. On a scale of one to ten (ten being childbirth), I’ve been told that a Brazilian wax doesn’t even register. Astonishingly, waxing your nether regions isn’t as excruciating as I’d imagined; the pain is surprisingly manageable.
     My experienced therapist, or rather ‘waxer’, lets me know what she’s doing and she works quickly and efficiently. Strip’s newest offering involves dripping warm chocolate wax over my (ahem) area. After it hardens, she rips it away from the skin. It’s a hard wax treatment, recommended for those with sensitive skin. I won’t lie – I’m nervous to the point of bolting out the door. But it’s essential that I loosen up as my waxer tries to pacify me, ‘Relax, relax… just relax lah!’ No such luck.
A traditional Brazilian goes from the labia right back to the anus and they leave no stone unturned – I realise as much when she flips me onto my chest to do… the back. I’m talking about the full up-and-under – she removes hair where I didn’t know I had any. There’s no double-dipping either; a fresh spatula is used for every wax dip. As is the case with many things in life, however, the anticipation is worse than the actual experience. If you were standing outside my private room, you would have heard my painful shrieks but I assure you, the pain lasts only a second… until, of course, the next strip of wax comes off.
While Brazilians were once de rigueur for South American beach bunnies, Hollywood actresses and footballers’ wives, it’s now trickled down to civilian level for us mere mortals. I definitely recommend it – once I’m finished, I feel surprisingly light and, it has to be said, more clean. It feels noticeably different but I’m adjusting to the new minimal me better that I’d imagined.
Whether you think it’s sensible grooming, or obsessive body housekeeping, I say it’s addictive. I’ll be heading back next month for some, err, maintenance. Syazlynia Rahim

Strip Sunway, F1.29, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall (03-5621 5119). RM114.50 for a Brazilian, RM149 for a Boyzilian