The All New Antabax With Ziana Zain

Updated: 29 Jul 2010
The All New Antabax With Ziana Zain

By Sharmini Krishna Radha

Have you ever seen the television series ‘Monk’? The character Adrian Monk or better known as Monk is mysophobic, or in a less complicated word, he fears germs. Ever wondered how the series would change if only he had an antibacterial product that promises 99.9% all day protection from germs? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Thank goodness for scientists and researchers, Antabax has come up with an all new range of ‘Halal’ health care products!

The all new reformulated and repackaged personal care product, Antabax recently launched its antibacterial range and introduced its brand ambassador, Ziana Zain. By influencing their consumers into leading a healthy and hygienic lifestyle, Antabax ensures consumers that the vitamins contained is safe and doesn’t cause coarseness to the skin.













With Ziana Zain as their brand ambassador, she shared her personal experiences as an Antabax user for two years. Not only does she like the smell, she also loves the fact that it moisturizes and nourishes her skin. During the launch, testimonial clips of other celebrities like our national badminton players were also aired. How awesome is that? It reinforces their '99.9% all day protection' tagline as it shows that Antabax really does kills germs. Sportsmen are sweaty aren’t they? If even they are using Antabax, then you know its effective.

Antabax also introduced their latest product, the Antabax Hand Sanitizer Spray. Take a deep breath and absorb this in. Public transportations, public toilets, well basically anything ‘public’ only breeds one thing…. germs, right? Thankfully, their brand new Hand Sanitizer Spray can be sprayed not only on your skin but also on dirty, bacteria-infested surfaces. Yes, your eyes deceive you not for this brilliant idea by Antabax allows you to spray and kill germs on any surface . So the next time you board the train, bus or a taxi, spray away! With something that smells mild, no one would complain. Say goodbye to harsh skin products and bacteria today!