Energy healing undergoes a makeover at Lightworks

Updated: 24 Jan 2008
Spreading Good Vibes

By Lim Chee Wah

LightworksLying face up on a massage table, I look at Lina Naamali inquisitively as her palm hovers above my head. "Your left brain is overworked," she says before slowly moving her hand towards my chest. I make a mental note to stop analyzing my first energy healing session.

Her hand stopped near my heart and she has a concerned look on her face. "Is something troubling you emotionally? Your heart is a little weak," she asks, looking very concerned. I am baffled. I stammer an answer to which she assures me that whatever we talk about in this room stays in this room. I open up but not without any reluctance at first. She listens intently, nodding from time to time. She then makes continuous sweeping motions at my aura with a shard of crystal and occasionally flicks it at a basin of salt water from time to time. This, Lina says, is the cleansing process. The salt water dissolves negative energy.

When Lina told me she will start by scanning my aura, I didn't expect her to take on the role of a psychiatrist. But I must admit it does feel refreshing to discuss your problems with a stranger. "When you come for pranic healing, we heal the body as well as the mind," explains Lina, who has been an energy healing practitioner for seven years, now running Shambala energy healing and meditation centre. Pranic healing is one of the many modalities in the art of energy healing.

Energy healing is not a new concept. Long before western science gained a foothold in modern medicine practice, the Indian culture was already talking about chakras and energy centres. The Chinese have Qi Gong, which is essentially an exercise to build up your internal energy through breath and movement.

Fundamentally, we are all but a mass of energy. Our thoughts and emotions are energy. It is believed that since energy is pervasive, there are then ways to use the energy to heal the body. "When we have positive thoughts, everything's good. However, if we have negative thoughts, obviously you don't feel well. Negative energy is dense and if you are always in the pattern of negativity, this accumulated negative energy will clog up the energy centre and manifest into a disease," explains Lina. "When you hear people say 'I feel clogged up' or 'I feel heavy', that's because the accumulation of negative energy has blocked the energy centre in our body.'

Energy healing, or alternative therapy for that matter, is a holistic approach that explores how our physical health is interconnected with our emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. KB Wong, co-founder of Lightworks, the latest alternative healing centre in Kuala Lumpur's increasingly hip Changkat Bukit Bintang area, believes that the physical symptoms that we develop are an indicator to a bigger problem.

"Your body is eaves dropping at every thought and emotion that you have. You'll be amazed at the correlations of what your body is trying to tell you," explains KB.According to him, eye problems are often an indicator of narrow-mindedness. Similarly, knee issues have a lot to do with flexibility just as neck problem could be your body's way of warning you that you are perhaps a little too stubborn. Back ailments are sometimes a tell tale sign of a lack in support from either the family or workplace or, it could also be a result of a burdening financial issue.

This explains why Lina wanted to hear my story. "You talk; you release whatever you have been suppressing or issues that you are facing. Once you do that, you will find that the pain also goes away," says Lina.Contrary to popular beliefs, energy healing is not some mumbo jumbo. "It's very scientific, says Lina, "When you are tensed, you absorb less oxygen. When you are calm and relaxed, you breathe properly. When you absorb optimum amount of oxygen, you are healing. The mind is also calm. It's mind, body and spirit; it's a holistic process."

This explains why Qi Gong and Pranayama Yoga are also getting more and more popular now because people have begun to understand how important proper breathing is.

Energy healing does have roots in many ancient cultures from the East. But surprisingly, it's more embraced in the West now. A lot of hospitals in America and Europe actually offer energy healing as an option, especially for post surgery recovery," says KB.

However, he advises that energy healing is not exclusive. It should be seen as a complementary therapy and not the absolute treatment. In addition, Lina also recommends proper nutrition.

Most types of energy healing are a lie-down session conducted through the hand. The practitioner places his hands just above the recipient to channel through healing energy that will help the recipient get back into a state of balance.However, energy healing is not faith healing. "A lot of people want to sense the energy first in order for them to believe that energy healing works," says Darreck Chen, the other co-founder of Lightworks. Surprisingly, people who are skeptical often turn out to have the biggest healing.

There are many different modalities in energy healing. Reiki, being the most popular form since it has been around the longest, is said to be the love energy. It can be good for headaches, stress release and even relaxation. Pranic healing on the other hand cleanses the aura and energy centres, and then projects fresh energy into the body to help it heal itself.

A practitioner of pranic healing, Lina specializes in shrinking cysts and cancer tumours. She claims that she has helped heal asthma, epilepsy and cancer. But people who seek energy healing do come for all sorts of problems, not just serious issues, such as joint aches, back problems and insomnia.

"A lot of celebrities come in when they are stressed or, when they have a cough but have to sing on that night. Many young stressed out professionals come to relax and rejuvenate," reveals Lina.Opened a little more than a year ago, Lightworks is arguably the first comprehensive alternative healing centre in Kuala Lumpur that also offers workshops and small retail centre on this subject. Within its short existence, Lightworks has managed to make alternative therapy more accessible to the public.

"Before this, energy healing is like a backyard industry; everyone's doing it from their homes. The public perception isn't very good it feels almost like going to see a bomoh. So we created a facility and infrastructure for teachers and facilitators to showcase their work and we market it for them," KB tells of the inspiration behind Lightworks.

From the outside, Lightworks looks amazing in a well-preserved pre-war shophouse, much like an urban day spa. The atmosphere inside is soothing, relaxed. Browsing through the rack full of brochures on the different types of alternative healing, you feel comfortable enough to give it a try. Similarly, Shambala looks like a professional centre with an attached hair and nail salon even though the premise is converted from a residential bungalow.

After cleansing my aura with the crystal shard, Lina begins to project fresh energy into my body. At times, I can feel a light sensation, like a current running through my body. As I walk out of there an hour later, there is spring in my step. I feel rested, calmer and I seem to breathe better. Surprisingly, the experience feels no different than a regular spa session.