Try this: Fit in Clouds

Posted on Aug 28, 2013 by Emma
Try this: Fit in Clouds

What they are
Foldable flats you can stash in your bag for when your high heels are just too painful. They’ve been endorsed by Oprah herself, and are provided to guests in several luxury hotels.

How they work
With a bendy sole, minimal seams and soft fabrics, Fit in Clouds are engineered for both comfort and convenience. They pack pretty flat, and are incredibly light to carry around especially if, like most women, you’re used to carting around a whole load of things on a daily basis. Some of the styles are prettier than others – for maximum practicality, the plain black ones are the way to go, though the gingham-espadrille combination is quite fetching. The toebox is cut quite generously (for optimum post-stiletto toe-wiggling) and the soles are exceptionally flat, but as you aren’t going to be hiking in these, they’re perfect for their purpose. Make room in your clutch for these.

Where to find them
Fit in Clouds is available at Threesixty, Lot 13 Level G3, Publika (03 6205 9797/ From RM80.

To learn more about Fit in Clouds, visit