Three Mojito upgrades in KL

Posted on Sep 14, 2011 by Ian
Three Mojito upgrades in KL

The Mojito swept the globe, enjoyed by twenty-first century drinkers in the biting (air-conditioned) cold relishing tropical fantasies. Highball or cocktail? Now there’s a debate. While really closer to a cooler, we think that the Mojito sits right up there with the Martinis and the Manhattans. Here are three Mojito upgrades in the city.

Mojito ‘Strawberry’ at Werner’s, RM 28
(pictured above)
Havana club rum, mint leaves, lime, brown sugar, strawberry
This berried Mojito at Werner’s is downright simple and classy. The punchy, sweet and sour drink makes for an approachable aperitif. The fruitiness of the cocktail does make it taste a little girly, but it sure is a good thirst quencher.

Mojito Lychee at 7atenine, RM29.70
Rum, mint leaves, lime, brown sugar, lychee

Mojito lychee

The lychee adds a fruity sweetness to the cocktail. So, a word of caution: it is so easy and refreshing to drink that you could be downing one too many before you realise it.

Espresso Mojito at Palate Palette, RM24

Cachaca, mint leaves, lime wedges, brown sugar, espresso

Espresso mojito

Undoubtedly another imaginative creation of Palate Palette (and perhaps the only one you can find in Klang Valley). With a shot of espresso, the drink becomes rich, smooth and fragrant. Give it a go, but we don’t recommend replacing your morning cuppa with this no matter how tempting it sounds.

We also give you a lowdown on the story behind the drink.