The upgrades: Grand Marnier cocktails

Posted on Jan 27, 2012 by Rachel
The upgrades: Grand Marnier cocktails

(from left to right: Golden Orb, Grand Marnier Red Queen, Boston Beach Ice Tea)

It may be classic to drink just a shot of Grand Marnier with ice, but the after-meal liqueur gets a fresh lease of life in cocktails. The 1930s cocktail frenzy in the United States saw some of our now-staple cocktails hitting the streets, and Grand Marnier found its way into classics like the Red Lion and the B52. Here are three Grand Marnier cocktails in KL:

Golden Orb at Bedroom (RM28)
Raisins, Star anise and almonds flameinfused in Grand Marnier, spiced rum, fresh orange, lime, cinnamon
Like the bar itself, Golden Orb keeps things classy and chic. This cocktail is a mixture of raisins, star anise and almonds (all flame-infused in Grand Marnier), spiced rum, fresh orange, lime and cinnamon. The result: a well-tempered cocktail with flavourful, earthy qualities.

Grand Marnier Red Queen at Market Place (RM32)
Tanqueray Ten Gin, Grand Marnier, fresh orange Juice, fresh lemon juice
The bartender at Market Place certainly knows how to shake things up. This sweet & sour cocktail is invigoratingly fragrant and taste almost girly, but we believe the fabulous patrons of Market Place are going to love it.

Boston Beach Ice Tea at Garibar (RM34)
Vodka, rum, tequila, gin, Grand Marnier, triple sec, sweet & sour, cranberry juice
Served ice cold, Boston Beach Ice Tea is a good antidote to KL’s overbearing heat. It is, however, a very strong concoction. Our advice: two is never enough but three is one too many.

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