Angelina Jolie's Leg, JLo's Nipple and Legbombing

Posted on Feb 29, 2012 by Ana
Angelina Jolie's Leg, JLo's Nipple and Legbombing

Last week we discovered Llama Del Rey; this week we see the emergence of two parody Twitter accounts following the Oscars on Sunday – Angelina Jolie’s Leg and JLo’s Nipple. The former cropped up when Jolie appeared at the Oscars in a long black dress with a slit so high it revealed her slender, muscular right leg. And only her right leg (Jolie kept posing so dramatically that it was even mocked at the awards itself). Meanwhile JLo’s Nipple came after some viewers watching the awards in HD claimed to have seen a slip of her nipple, or ‘nip-slip’ as everyone calls it. JLo’s stylist refuted the claim, stating that the dress was tailor-made for JLo with cups fitted in and only gave the ‘illusion of sheerness’.

Even so, both Twitter accounts have gone on to reach thousands of followers overnight, with Angelina Jolie’s Leg crushing JLo’s Nipple with 35,785 followers today (compared to JLo’s  5,089). Suffice to say that the leg has kicked JLo out of the playing field and even landed itself meme status by paving the way for the web’s latest sensation, legbombing. Similar to previous memes such as Sad Keanu and The Situation Room, legbombing involves photoshopping Jolie’s right leg onto famous portraits and photos; Gandhi, Batman and Darth Vader are just some of the (hilarious) victims to be legbombed. View the rest on Pinterest and have fun wasting your time well.

As for JLo’s Nipple, it’s unfortunate that it didn’t become as popular, but the account is worth following for your daily dose of everything breast related (the last time we checked the nipple was campaigning for a No Bra Revolution on the basis of possible ‘nipple suffocation’).

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